Picture-Gallery - Silvretta-Workshop 1998
Alpine Skiing-Tour: Bielerhöhe - Wiesbadener Hütte - Radsattel - Bieltal - Bielerhöhe

Bielerhöhe Conference Place and start of our Skiing-Tour - Bielerhöhe / Silvretta

Snowboarder are still rare guests in the Silvretta mountains (but they really enjoy it) ...
f.l.t.r: Martin Gurtner, Andi Neumann, Peter Sykora.
Snowboarder ...

Ascent to Wiesbadener Alpine Hut Ascent from Lake Silvretta to Wiesbadener Alpine Hut, facing Piz Buin.

Martin Rickenbacher, Lorenz Hurni, Manfred Buchroithner, Tom Patterson und Rüdiger Finsterwalder (f.l.t.r.)
Ascent to Wiesbadener Alpine Hut

Ascent Alternatives ... Ascent Alternatives also exist ...

Picture of the whole Group
Wiesbadener Alpine Hut
Picture of the whole group

Piz Buin Views from Wiesbadener Alpine Hut:
Piz Buin ...

... and Ochsentaler Glacier. Ochsentaler Glacier

Christan Häberling

They are really enjoying the Tour, thanks to the excellent weather conditions!

Andi Neumann

After Lunch Break we are heading towards Rauhkopfscharte ...
f.l.t.r: Markus Oldenburg, Regina Heiland, Andi Neumann, Martin Rickenbacher.

Charly propounded a great track ...
Ascent to Rauhkopfscharte via Radsattel.
Ascent to Rauhkopfscharte via Radsattel

A Break Just a Break
f.l.t.r.: Lorenz Hurni, Martin Galanda, Georg Gartner

Close to Rauhkopfscharte
f.l.tn.r.: Karel (Charly) Kriz and Martin Gurtner

View from Rauhkopfscharte View from Rauhkopfscharte to the East.

Downhill run, Bieltal
wonderful ...
Descent Bieltal

Departure Departure,
some like it adventurous ...

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