Alpinists and the future Swiss Topographic Landscape Model

Martin Gurtner
Federal Office of Topography
CH-3084 Wabern


Landestopographie, the national survey of Switzerland, is planning to build up a vector oriented database for the entire country, giving the detail with an accuracy of 1 metre. A prototype production line should be set up by the end of 2003, including new photogrammetric and field equipment. The needs of alpinist, especially mountain guides and group leaders, are assessed: How much will they base their trip planning on analogue maps? How important will the navigation aids be? These requirements are compared to what the model can offer.

Somewhere in between stands the Alpine Club with it's guidebooks. What will it's role be under these circumstances? Will it be necessary to publish everything in electronic form? Who will be responsible for the popular thematic maps for hikers, cyclists, Ski alpinists?