Avalanche Map Schneeberg

Karel Kriz
Department of Geography and Regional Research
University of Vienna, Austria
Email: kriz@atlas.gis.univie.ac.at


Keywords: Hazard Mapping, Map Design

This contribution will focus primarily on the presentation of a large-scale topographic avalanche map for leisure and rescue purposes of the “Schneeberg Region” in the Austrian Alps. This product is being developed in collaboration with the Austrian Alpine Club, the Mountain Rescue Services of Lower Austria and the Department of Geography and Regional Research at the University of Vienna. At first the overall objectives and user needs will be discussed, followed by a brief technical explanation. In this context the data acquisition and processing as well as the cartographic conceptual design aspects will be presented. The main focal point of this project is however to produce a practical, effective and compatible cartographic product for outdoor utilization. This map should be appropriate for pre tour planning purposes as well as for in field orienteering use.