Slope Classification Issues

Mr. S. Nakamura
Nakamura Map Institute
Odawara, Japan


The late Professor Emeritus Shuji Inouye of the University of Hokkaido advocated classifying slopes in three basic categories: Oº - 15º, 15º - 30º, and over 30º. The first delineates those areas with the greatest potential for human activity and land utilization, the second shows those areas of lesser potential, and the third those with the very least. The focus of this Format 1 style presentation will be an extant map of the area of Atami, Numazu, and Hakone in Japan created according to current, accepted standards, but color coded according to the slope classifications above. Two other maps will be briefly presented which are based on a seven-category system used by Japan's National Land Management Agency and a four-category system used by the Crown Lands and Survey Office of Hong Kong. The presenter will advocate that Inouye's system results in a much clearer and more easily understood picture of land features most suited to human utilization.